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How to Get Google Playstore cerified

Device manufacturers work with Google to certify that Android devices with Google apps installed are secure and will run apps correctly. To be certified, a device must pass Android compatibility tests. If you are unable to add a Google Account on your Android device, your Android device software might not have passed Android compatibility tests, or the device manufacturer has not submitted the results to Google to seek approval. As a result, your device is uncertified. This means that your device might not be secure.

If you are a User wanting to use custom ROMs on your device, please register your device by submitting your Google Services Framework Android ID (not Settings.Secure.ANDROID_ID or SSAID) below. This can be retrieved by using the ADB shell command:

1. adb root
2. adb shell 'sqlite3 /data/data/ "select* from main where name = \"android_id\";"'

It will return an id. Register The id at